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2010 population and assorted demographic info
The 2010 U.S. Census reported Homer's population as 5,003, with a little more than 13,000 living in the immediate area.

The City of Homer was established as a first class municipality in March 1964 with a city manager/city council form of government. Elected officials consist of six City Council members and the mayor. Homer is part of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Homer has a diverse economy with tourism, commercial fishing, health care and government at the top of the list.

Homer has a relatively mild climate due to the Pacific Ocean and the Japanese current, resulting in warmer winters and cooler summers than most other places in Alaska. The average high is 29.2F in January and 60.9F in July. Average total annual precipitation is 24.4 inches, with 54.9 inches of snowfall.

Tax rates in Homer
There is no state income tax or state sales tax in Alaska. The sales tax in Homer is 7.5% (4.5% City of Homer and 3% Kenai Peninsula Borough). The property tax rate in Homer totals 11.3 mills (4.5 City of Homer, 4.5 Kenai Peninsula Borough, and 2.3 South Peninsula Hospital). This translates to a tax levy of $1,130 for every $100,000 in assessed valuation. However, the first $20,000 in valuation is tax exempt for most residents who request the exemption. In addition, senior citizens (age 65 and older) benefit from an exemption on the first $150,000 in valuation for the City of Homer portion and on the first $300,000 in valuation for the Kenai Peninsula Borough portion. The KPB exemption applies to service area tax assessments as well; for example, the one which supports South Peninsula Hospital. (City of Homer website)

West Homer Elementary
Paul Banks Elementary
Homer Middle School (grades 7-8)
Homer High School
Homer Flex School (an alternative high school)
Fireweed Academy (grades K-6) is operated as a charter school.
The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District also supports home schooling through Connections (grades K-12). Early childhood education and quality day care are the focus of Kachemak Kids Early Learning Center, a non-profit organization.

Post-secondary education is available through the Kachemak Bay Campus of the University of Alaska-Kenai Peninsula College.

Rotary (2) Rotary Club of Homer-Kachemak Bay and Homer Downtown 
American Legion
Garden Club
Bicycle Club
Kachemak Nordic Ski Club
Homer Yacht Club
Boys and Girls Club