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Homer Chamber of Commerce | Julianne Turner | Membership Director
Julianne Turner

Julianne's favorite part about living in Homer is the easy-going, slow-paced lifestyle with its untouched beauty. She feels at ease, less stressed, and more community orientated. There is always a reason to be out in the community and among people. Julianne is the Membership Director at the Homer Chamber of Commerce.

Holiday Tree Lighting

Hey guys, It's me again! The best way to get people together is to enjoy a cozy night out surrounded by friends, neighbors, and family and to also respectfully make sure they are invited AHEAD of…

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Halloween in Homer

Ghostly Greetings! It is that time of the year where the town transforms itself for a ghoulish time full of fang-tastic treats and terrifying haunts. Should you wander off the beaten path and into our…

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