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Homer is known throughout Alaska as a haven for artists of all kinds. We believe that includes our chefs!

Homer is a Foodie Destination

The artistry they demonstrate in taking the freshest ingredients on a daily basis, building their menu from those ingredients, and delivering it to your table in an understated "local - this is what we do" manner is, in our opinion, one of the highest forms of "Art"!

World-class dining experiences are a daily delight here in the "Cosmic Hamlet". Adventure, recreation, and shopping can really work up an appetite and Homer has more than its share of dining experiences!

The dining options at almost every restaurant in this fishing village include a wide range of seafood. Choices range from freshly caught halibut or salmon to oysters harvested that day on the far side of Kachemak Bay. Because the chefs have fresh seafood delivered to their kitchens daily, you will enjoy excellent dining. The menus also include a full range of entrees from filet mignon to burgers. On the Homer Spit alone, you will find over 15 choices of restaurants, from elegant gourmet dining to bratwurst from a hot dog cart. You can dine in or out of doors in many locations. In almost every instance, you will have an incomparable view to enhance the experience.

From downtown Homer to far out East End Road, the dining choices are virtually endless. Stroll down Pioneer Avenue, up the Sterling Highway or down Main Street to peruse some of the options. Local and international beers and wines, as well as cocktails, are available in many of the restaurants. Enjoy a visit to our local breweries and wineries.

There are a number of restaurants on the far side of the bay. Enjoy elegant fare just a few steps away from the wilderness. You will find that even the smallest eatery takes pride in their homemade, local, and fresh food.​

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