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Homer Community Classes

Welcome! We're excited to share with you the diverse range of art and special event classes available in Homer, Alaska. Whether you're a local looking to learn a new skill, a visitor seeking a unique and creative experience, or simply someone who loves art, our community classes have something to offer.

From pottery to painting, from photography to fiber arts, you'll find classes led by talented local artists passionate about sharing their craft. Engage in hands-on learning in a friendly, supportive environment, and take home more than just a unique creation — take home an experience. Explore our class listings and find your next artistic adventure here in Homer.

For those seeking unique experiences, our special event classes offer a unique blend of learning and celebration. Seasonal workshops, artist-led demonstrations, and unique art events await you in Homer, Alaska.

Embrace your creativity, learn something new, and become part of our vibrant artistic community. Welcome to the artistic heart of Homer!