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East End Road offers a 5-mile paved bike trail starting at Lake Street. Another paved option is the 4.5-mile Spit trail, which starts at the intersection of Kachemak Drive and the Homer Spit, and ends at the tip of the Spit.

East and West Hill Roads take you to roads looping above town, across Skyline Drive and Diamond Ridge Road, with ocean and mountain vistas. These roads are narrow and have no bike paths. Please use with caution. 

Across the Bay, you can find some fine mountain biking on wilderness trails. Start in Seldovia and ride the road out to Jakolof Bay, about 10 miles, and then take the eight-mile, mostly uphill ride toward the foot of Red Mountain and back. It will take about three hours. If you’d rather skip the ride from Seldovia, you can have a water taxi drop you at Jakolof Bay dock.

Pick up a bike from one of the several rental facilities in town or on the Spit.