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Homer Bear Viewing

Bear Viewing

Is bear viewing on your bucket list? You've come to the right place! Homer is the gateway to the best bear viewing in the State of Alaska.

Homer's location is the closest to Katmai National Park & Preserve and Lake Clark National Preserve and our bear viewing operators are ready to take you to see the bears in their natural habitat.

From June through September, brown bears congregate on coastal sedge flats and streams in the vast wilderness of the parks. The bears feast on abundant grasses and clams in the Spring, then on salmon swimming home to spawn, and finally on berries and seeds as they prepare for Winter.

More than 98% of this country's brown bear population lives in Alaska with many of them in the wilds on the West side of Cook Inlet. 

The growing popularity of bear viewing can be attributed to the fact that people can see these wild animals up close in relative safety and comfort. Well-equipped lodges and guides are the norm. From the time bears leave their dens in late May, until they go back into hibernation in late fall, visitors can see them in their natural surroundings. They are omnivores, and range over hundreds of square miles looking for food sources as they fatten up for winter.

Different kinds of bear viewing experiences are available from our local air tour companies depending on your comfort level and how much time you want to spend on this activity. You can fly for a day, stay in a lodge or remote camp for a longer period, or stay on board a boat and go ashore during the day. Access is by boat, float plane, or wheel plane, which may determine where you view the bears. Bear viewing can be done from elevated platforms near their feeding grounds. Other tours feature a more intimate experience with bears and humans in close proximity showing respect for one another.

When you check bear viewing off your bucket list, the experience will be one of the best memories of your lifetime!

Brown Bear Alaska