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Outdoors & Recreation


Recreation and adventure are outside your door year-round in the Kachemak Bay area, and 24-hours a day in the summer.

Stroll a sunlit beach, hike a glacier, kayak with whales or in a protected cove. Tour by land, air, sea, horseback, four-wheeler, or sail the wind - on the water or above the hills.

Encounter wildlife such as bears, moose, otters, porcupines, eagles, whales, lynx, sea creatures, then enjoy award-winning cuisine. Visit museums, galleries, gardens, cafes and the inspiring Kilcher Family Homestead, all here in the heart of the Last Frontier. Homer is an accessible town, for all to enjoy.


Short Flight from Homer to the Bears

Homer may be the end of the road but it is the beginning of the vast Arctic wilderness adventures in a variety of public land settings. The largest wildlife refuge in Alaska, the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is headquartered in Homer, offering bird viewing and experiences unmatched.

A short flight over spectacular scenery will take visitors to Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks, pristine wilderness, and prime brown bear viewing areas. You can fly over for a day or stay in a lodge or guided campground for a longer period. You can even stay on board a boat, going ashore during the day. Whatever you choose, your time with the bears will be among your most often told stories when you return home.

Wildlife & Adventure on the Kenai

At "The End of the Road"... The Adventure Begins! Homer is a gateway to many National and State Parks including Katmai, Lake Clark, McNeil River, and Kachemak Bay.

Few places match the diverse beauty of Homer, having so many ways to experience and view the variety of abundant wildlife. One day you can be kayaking on beautiful Kachemak Bay with its rising cliffs, calm coves, seals, sea otters, and whales. The next day you could be standing on the rugged coast of the Alaska Peninsula, or in Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park on your first bear viewing trip watching as these majestic monarchs feast on salmon. By water taxi, you can enjoy the views of mountains, glaciers and marine wildlife as you cross to Kachemak Bay State Park.

Many species of birds, including eagles and sandhill cranes, call Homer home. Scoters, grebes, ravens, and loons are common, and eiders are sometimes seen.  Seals, sea otters, porpoises, and whales play just offshore in Kachemak Bay.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking in Kachemak Bay has gained tremendous popularity over the years. Kayaking is a healthy recreation for body, mind, and soul, and a way to discover the wonders of the Bay.

You can take a water taxi to secluded paddling areas in one of the many coves and bays located across Kachemak Bay. Guides and instructors are available from several outfitters to ensure your safety and lend their expertise regarding the tides and currents of the Bay.

Even if you have never handled a paddle before, you will feel right at home.