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Discover Homer, Alaska | The Insider's Guide Blog 🌲

Welcome to the Discover Homer blog, your ultimate insider's guide to the hidden gems of Homer, Alaska! Explore local travel tips, upcoming events, mouthwatering restaurants, cozy lodging options, exhilarating activities, vibrant art, and so much more. Get ready to dive into the heart of this coastal paradise!

Homer Chamber of Commerce | Jorden Perez | Marketing Director
Jorden Perez

Born and raised in the breathtaking beauty of Homer, Alaska, I'm Jorden! My life is a whirlwind of fishing trips, cross-country skiing, spontaneous travels, and grooving to live music. When I'm not on an adventure, you'll probably find me in my garden with my trusty sidekick, Mika, my playful pup. The heartbeats of my life are my rock, Tulio, and our two radiant daughters, Talia and Matilda. With so much love for my hometown, I've woven it into my work as the proud owner of Kachemak Communications. Dive into my posts and discover the magic of Homer through my eyes!