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Chamber Board

The Homer Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center Board of Directors is composed of 8-10 members elected for a term of three years by the Chamber membership of a whole.  The mission of the Homer Chamber is to Support our membership through cooperative economic development and service to the community.  In addition to the mission statement, the core values of the Chamber are Comprehensive Community Engagement, Partnerships, Non-Partisan, Preserving the “Homer Culture”, Advocacy, and Quality of Life.

2022 Board of Directors

Tom Soderholm, President (term expires 12/23)

Smokey Bay Air

Joell Restad, Vice President (term expires 12/24)

Art Shop Gallery

Marcia Kuszmaul, Secretary (term expires 12/23)

Juneberry Lodge/Homer Bed & Breakfast Association

Brian Vecellio, Treasurer (term expires 12/24)

Land's End Resort

Anna Hermanson, (term expires 12/24)

South Peninsula Hospital

Kenny Bryant, (term expires 12/22)

Ace Towing

Brad Conley, (term expires 12/23)

Bay Welding Services/Coldwater Alaska

Valerie Buss, (term expires 12/23)

Kachemak Keller Williams Alaska Realty Group

George Hall, (term expires 12/23)

Video Streaming Services

Diane Gerrettie, (term expires 12/23)

Homer Cabins

Julie Engebretsen, Advisory Seat

City of Homer


While a variety of fish abounds in the icy waters of our Bay, Homer is best known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World".


Hiking, Kite surfing, Spearfishing, ATV tours, mountain biking, kayaking and horseback riding are just a taste of all the…